Museums Mean Business

In Museums Mean Business, I studied the business aspects of working in a museum.  In the class, I have applied the theoretical components of development, membership, campaigns, etc. to real museums including The Wild CenterThe Hyde Collection, and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

For my final project, I profiled the MFA Boston.  In addition to interviewing a member of the Development Team, I profiled the museum’s fundraising, membership, donor relations, and finances.


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Brand and Marketing Communications

I have also studied Brand and Marketing Communications.  Working with a team of students, I developed unique marketing strategies for two real brands, MyBacon (a brand of plant-based bacon) and Franklin Square Market (an independent grocery store).  We assessed  their industries and developed a unique marketing strategy to help each company more effectively reach consumers.  After three weeks of research and idea development, we presented our findings to actual executives at these companies.  Through this class I have developed experience as a marketing consultant, researching existing markets and industries to help businesses develop strong identities and more effectively reach their target audiences.  


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